Data Science for Social Good

Are you looking for ways to create change in your community through data science? Check out the following.

CodeForPhilly A volunteer-based organization that uses technology, data, and UX design to engage with the City of Philadelphia. I volunteered from 2020 to 2021, and I worked closely with the Philadelphia Bail Fund to understand how the bail system affects different communities in Philadelphia.

QSIDE Institute A research-into-action network that applies math and data science for social justice. They regularly host colloquiums, conferences, and datathons. I participated in one of their datathons, and it was a fantastic opportunity to use data science to analyze real-world criminal justice datasets.

DataKind A global network that helps mission-driven organizations harness their data through data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. You can apply to be a volunteer.

Delta Analytics A community that helps non-profits build technical capacity. They have 6-month-long fellowships programs for students enrolled in Masters or Ph.D. programs.

Statistics Without Borders A volunteer outreach group of the American Statistical Association that provides pro bono services in statistics and data science.

Today’s Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics

Podcast: Not So Standard Deviations

Podcast: In Machines We Trust

Magazine: MIT Technology Review You can sign up for their daily newsletter. They are concise and easy to read.

Quanta Magazine

Newsletter: DeepLearning.AI Weekly newsletter on artificial intelligence. They also have a collection of blog posts on AI & Society

Mathematics & Data Science for All

Data Science for All - Women’s Summit A fellowship program designed to train women interested in data science and analytics roles. I was a fellow in this program.

Data Science for All - Empowerment A data analytics training and jobs program made available for free to qualifying students from underrepresented communities. If you identify as Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+, or any other underrepresented group, or if you are a military veteran, this is a great program.

Mathematically Gifted & Black

Association for Women in Mathematics


Inclusion/Exclusion blog